Curtis Gillen

Curtis is a published outdoor photographer, specializing in actions sports, race events, and related commercial photography. He produces images that capture the intensity of athletes pushing physical and mental limits, through bold and dramatic photography. He uses his experience and understanding of these sports, combined with unique angles and lighting, to capture the action and subtleties as they unfold. 

Growing up in Northern New Mexico, Curtis was exposed to skiing and mountain biking early on and developed a love for being outside. From racing mountain bikes to embarking on long solo rides as a young teenager, he was hooked on cycling. He has many years experience with the cycling industry, specifically with independent bicycle dealers. His experience with cycling and winter sports has been a guide and inspiration as he captures moments to tell a story anyone can appreciate.

Beyond the action of racing events, Curtis enjoys the unique challenges of advertising and commercial photography. An entrepreneur at heart, Curtis takes great pride in elevating a business through images that make meaningful connections and positively influence any audience. 

Outside of photography, Curtis has experience in project management and a love for the natural sciences. With a natural curiosity and understanding of geology, Curtis has set his sights on obtaining a degree in Geology to further broaden his opportunities and understanding of our natural surroundings. 


MSI Mountain Sports  International, Zia Rides, Scott Enduro Cup, Rocky Mountain Race Series, Fit Fundamentals, Chasing 3 race productions, Aspire Coaching, Santa Fe Thunder Half Marathon, Global Running Culture, O&P Board Prep, Las Campanas Compadres, Toughman Triathlons, Pro Compression, City of Gallup Chamber of Commerce, Western Spirit (OuterBike), Salida 720(Chocolate Bunny Race Productions), Hammer Nutrition

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