Im not sure if I'm just to picky or have unrealistic expectations with camera bags, but I have been through a lot of them! For shooting races that require me to pack lots f gear, my F-STOP Gear Satori has been absolutely great, and I highly recommended it. However, I have been looking for options to pack a smaller kit on my mountain bike without inhibiting my riding the way a larger pack does. 

Enter the EVOC CP 18L, distributed by QARV Imports in Colorado Springs. First of all, I want to say the crew at QARV is top notch and offered to bring the bag along with them to the fall Moab Outerbike event, which is where I was heading right after I ordered the bag. 

Although I prefer the standard black or dark earth tone camera bags, I have shifted to bright colored bags for a more practical reason. For one thing I find myself on open roads when shooting some events like triathlons and xc mountain bike races. having a bright pack helps drivers to see me at a time when my attention is elsewhere. Another reason I like the bright bags, is for finding them when I set them down in the forest. When shooting trail side in the mountains  I do tend to toss my bag aside and work my way up and down sections of trail. On several occasions with a black pack I had to do a little searching for my bag. Embarrassing yes, but a bright red bag is much harder to lose.

Size & Fit:

The Cp 18L is a great fitting bag and the waist belt is hands down the best I have experienced on any camera bag. It fits above the waist slightly and and is very broad with no hotspots whatsoever. This helps the bag stay planted squarely on your back on rough terrain. So in terms of fit, this bag is among the best, with plenty of adjustments to fit different size bodies.

The size of the bag is a bit conflicting for me. For a 18L bag it seems very large compared to others I have owned. I think this is partly due to the ample padding throughout, but based on outside dimensions it is still a rather large pack. Like many other bags, it is divided top to bottom, with the bottom being the dedicated camera space. I can fit a Nikon D4, Nikon 16-35 Fr Vr, Nikon 50 1.4G, Nikkor 70-200 F2.8VR, and a Sony A73 in the lower compartment. The Nikon D4 is a snug fit and takes a firm pull to get out of the side access door, and is similar for putting back in. The pack will fit my D4 and 70-200f2.8 when mounted with lens hood reversed, but the lens hood does make this setup a very tight fit. 

Overall, I am very happy with this pack and will post an update to this review as I have more time to form an opinion on it. One thing for sure, EVOC has the best harness system going right now for any camera bag I have tried. This bag simply stays put when you ride and is quite comfortable too.

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EVOC CP18L Modeled by yours truly

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