F-Stop Gear Satori - Gillen-Photography

F-Stop Gear Satori EXP

I guess you could say I learned the expensive way, that there are no bags that do it all. Nope, no silver bullets or quiver killers as you might say. I have found this true of bags designed for every type of outdoor activity I enjoy, and especially true of camera bags. I have gone from large messenger style camera bags from Crumpler to Lowe Pros and Dakines designed for more outdoor use. Well over a thousand dollars spent on bags that didn't really fit the bill, or in some cases were just plain crap for my uses. I had been lusting over several of the F-Stop Gear mountain series of bags for a while, but every time I had money to spend, it usually went to other gear that I needed a little more. However this Feburary I decided it was time and ordered the F-Stop Tilopa BC in malibu blue.

To my excitement I received a box from F-Stop Gear a little over a week later, but what I found inside initially disappointed me. I had ordered a bright malibu blue Tilopa BC, but a black Satori EXP was in the box. Even though it was not the pack I ordered, I was glad for the opportunity to check out the largest pack that F-Stop makes. The high quality of the pack was apparent immediately and considering this was the big pack, it looks smaller than other packs I have that are claimed to be a similar volume. I also received the XL ICU(internal camera unit), which will be the only one I have until I decide which other size I want to have in addition. 

Since I had the pack available,  I set to loading the ICU and getting it setup to hold my gear. It was relatively easy to load through the top of the pack, and took less than twenty mintues to setup for the camera gear I use most often.  

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