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Gear Reviews

I am a gear junkie! This is sometimes hard for me to admit because I like to tell myself that I would enjoy the sports I love regardless of what gear I use. However, as someone that has always been fascinated by technology and innovation, I often obsess over gear reviews and realize that the right gear can make the experience much more enjoyable. I research tirelessly before making a purchase and read every available review, especially with high ticket items, but I am often left feeling most reviews fall short. Bicycle and Ski magazine gear reviews are a perfect example. Magazine reviews are often very short and only from one testers point of view or the review is tailored to what the publication thinks is the "average user", which results in a vague review that offers little in addition to a manufacture spec sheet. The reviews I post here will be as in depth as possible and will of course include many photos of the product in use. The products reviewed here are purchased by me and reviewed here simply to share my obsession and opinion with other like minded people.
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