24 Hours Enchanted Forest 2016 Home - Gillen-Photography

  Wow, what an amazing race! Although it was hot and dry, we were graced with cool nights at the always beautiful and serene Mcgaffey National Forest. The race course was incredibly fun with some ripping downhills nearly all the way to the finish. What else could you ask for? Friends and family to support you while you spin away on your two wheeled freedom machine? Well, that's what this race is all about, friends and family. I doubt there are any 24 hour races that can boast such a close knit family atmosphere, but that is what Zia Rides is all about, Family. A big thank you to Seth Bush for contributing so much to the New Mexico mountain bike race scene and letting me be part of it.

Although I took thousands of photos during my two days covering the race, I might not have a picture of you. The nature of 24 hour endurance races poses some logistic obstacles, which means it is impossible to get every racer as I travel around to various spots on the course. 

I have prints and low resolution digital downloads starting at $5.00! for those that spend $20 or more I am providing a coupon code to get 25% off your order, excluding shipping. The code is ,zia, all lower case and can only be used once at checkout. Thank you for yout business and ride on!

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