Thank you for visiting Gillen Photography and great job to all the racers in Santa Rosa! I still think this is the best open water swim triathlon in the state, from the beautiful private lake to ending at the Blue Hole. Who agrees that we need more open water triathlons in this state?  Anyway, I did my best to capture as many racers as possible and despite crashing on my bike with two of my cameras falling to the ground, I had a great time.  

All awards photos are only $5 per image for digital downloads. All other images are available starting at $10 per image for digital download and $7 for prints. You will need to scroll through each gallery to find a picture of yourself and if you want to buy it, select the buy option to order a print or get a single image download. As the only race  photographer covering this event I was unable to capture each racer, but I got as many as possible while still getting as many aspects of the race as possible.          Thank you very much for your business, it is certainly appreciated!  

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