2017 Zia Rides D2D - Gillen-Photography

Dawn to Dusk Arizona Racers,

How often do you yell out ecstatically while riding your mountain bike? If you're like me, its every time you get that rush of speed while railing some single track with  friends. I sure heard a lot of hoots, hollars, and woohoo's as you all raced past me on the first several laps. The stoke was definitely in the air and it was clear that racing the Dawn To Dusk AZ with Zia Rides is more than a competition. It's about riding mountain bikes with friends, family, and having a blast! Congratulations to all of you who pushed your hardest and met your goals for the race whether that meant riding a lap and having a couple beers or pushing yourself to the brink of complete exhaustion. 

The scenery and light was spectacular most of the day and I ended up shooting thousands of photos. Please enjoy the full resolution free image downloads provided by Zia Rides. The free downloads are for personal use only. For commercial, team, or business use of the images, please contact me for rates. I have very reasonable rates and love working with race teams. 

The images are separated by galleries based on time of capture and while I strive to get images of every racer, inevitably there are some that I miss. That said, don't hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to help find your race photos.

Highlight Reel

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